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    You can read all faqs for a better knowledge about our company, products & customers. Also Contact to know more what you are looking for.

    • 1. Why fabric shade structures give better benefits than canvas, wood, GRP, metal shade systems?

      Normally, other types of shading system like wooden pergolas or gazebos require a lot of
      maintenance works such as repainting on a regular basis, Canvas shade on the other hand will
      consume time for cleaning since we need to dry them off after washing, while metal and GRP
      shade system locks in heat especially during daytime given that it absorbs a lot of heat.
      Aesthetically, these types of shading systems provide squared and very limited shapes that are
      all common in all other structures.


    • 2. Why to choose Bait Al Nokhada for my shade needs?

      Bait Al Nokhada has been in operation for morethan 17 years providing maximum satisfaction to each and every client that we deal with. Enquiries from our valued clients will be evaluated, checked and inspected thru actual site visits if necessary and accordingly create a concept proposal to client thru drawing with corresponding value in UAE Dirham, which serves as our sales quotation.
      Shade Structures are pre designed before its construction, to ensure its stability and safety.
      According to its approved designs, it will be then implemented on fabrication and installation
      supervised by the expertise of our qualified professionals to ensure its quality.

    • 3. If needed, can this fabric be easily removed for repair or cleaning?

      Yes, these fabrics are fixed with fixing accessories that are temporarily attached to a steel
      member, so that if its time to remove it, fabric can be detached from the frameworks without even
      damaging it.