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This pyramid is a giant amongst other ranges as its the solution of solutions with the ability to dispense with internal columns and supports it creates the feeling of infinity.

Our design team would assist in every area of the interior including the structure the specification and the exterior with a full range of fabrics available.

This elegant option from small to enormous allows for all types of lighting effects and exterior customization available with our huge range of fabrics and interior exterior options that can be dramatically altered depending on your requirements.

The Giant of giant is for the large scale exchibitions events weddings celebrations no internal obstructions or obstacles ensures spacious luxury where height can be fully utilized.

Our professional technical team will guide you in every aspect with a huge range of fabric and glazing options.

Polygon Tent can be manufactured to any size or specification with a variety of customization alternatives all resulting in a totally bespoke made to measure solution suitable for all requirements such as weddings,social or commercial events with interior and exterior design options from the practical through to total luxury.

Total flexibility in size and height without any central without any central obstructions the Dome is often used as a VIP lounge classical reception or for events such as small celebrations.

To keep up with the fast-paced change of global event needs, CAPSULE TENT offers off-the-shelf solutions as well as customized options. Portable, lightweight, and easy to set up. It is designed to perform in any environment, anywhere.

We offers the most modern car parking shade designs.We are using the latest technology and highly sophisticated machineries for the design,manufacture and erection of fabric shades and steel structures for a high strength and sharp finish.

Curve tent is a modular structure with a clear span,width upto 60 meters and length can be increased or decreased in 10m bay upto 60 meters.This is specially used for large events and permanent or temporary buildings.

We offer different varieties of tents for your wedding ceremonies in the most professional way with low cost and affordable prices.Our wedding tent rental services are well popular all over UAE for the past 26 years.At your wedding ceremony our exceptional team are dedicated to creating professional services that fulfills you and your event in the hearts of everyone in attendance.

We are masters in the construction of Arabic tents,such as Arabian royal,Arabian VIP and traditional bedouin tents.We provide exotic interiors and settings in these tents which reflects the rich and ancient traditions of arabia.

For a touch of class this dynamic exquisite shape delivers quality and prestige combined with heritage from small to large it meets every challenge.

With the absense of internal obstructions it also provides a superb layout which our design team can assist with various choices of interior and exterior fabric and structure options.

To cover a significant space at your place.Tensile structure with long-lasting pvc material requires less construction and minimal structural support compared to old traditional style of construction.This less construction reduces cost without sacrifying quality and durability.

When the venue floor space is a challenge this is the perfect option doubling up on the land footprint to create additional floor area.Our architectural design team can add features to massively enhance any event creating style with added space.

The exquisite expertly designed structure incorporates aesthetically pleasing internal features adding a touch of class creating an aura of strength and luxury all combing to provide the ultimate specification in aluminium and luxurous fabrics.

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