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Arch Tent

This elegant option from small to enormous allows for all types of lighting effects and exterior customization available with our huge range of fabrics and interior exterior options that can be dramatically altered depending on your requirements.

With no internal columns or obstructions yet retaining absolute strength this spacious layout is perfect for almost every demand or requirement such as sophisticated climate control.

Tent by size

Types Width Eave Height Roof Height
3.2 m
4.6 m
15 m
4.2 m
7 m
20 m
4.2 m
7 m
30 m
4.2 m
8.4 m
40 m
4.25 m
9.9 m
50 m
4.25 m
11.2 m
tent size chart 2
Installation Time
Thermal Comfort
Tear Resistant
U V Resistant
Flame Retardant
Wind Resistant
No Pockets or Bubbles
5 Years Guarantee
Dimensional Stability