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When you rent a tent, you don’t want just any tent….you want a great shelter that will do all needful for you. You want a tent that is the right size for your group. We’ve got all Big tents, Small tents & In-between tents  You may even want an long lasting solution for long run storage. Bait Al Nokhada Tents gives you the confidence that comes with best of class Arabic Tent, Aluminium Tent & all kinds of shade sturctures.

No matter what you’re planning for, we have the perfect tent solution for your outdoor experience. You will never get a rental tent that seems old or worn out from Bait Al Nokhada. We sell all of our tents long before they get to that point so you can count on a great experience!



    This will be a fun to enjoy Worldcup-2018 in Bait Al Nokhada Tents. We have specially customized our Pyramid tents to provide on rental in this worldcup series to be enjoyed with huge gathering in hotels, Restaurants & private places . Tents are equipped with proper Air conditioning to beat the heat in summers .

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  • Ramadan Tent on Rent

    Ramadan tents gives an authentic Arabian Iftar experience. Celebrate illuminating Ramadan evenings with family and friends over Iftar and Suhoor in our Ramadan tents located outside of Hotels, restaurant, cafes & rest houses in different sizes and shapes.


    The structures of the pyramid halls is made of strengthened aluminum, equipped to withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions. The outer cover is made from PVC which is heat resistant, flame retardant, and prevents the entry of sunlight to the interior of the hall. The cover is also tear proof due to its special fabric composition and prevents ultraviolet Rays from entering thus preserving the color of the hall for long periods of time.


    Bait al Nokhada has many types of tents with various size, designs and shapes also you can select or customize interiors, lightings and furnitures of your choice to make your function or event a unique and memorable one. You can also choose the colour or look that you want to incorporate in your event and even acquire professional assistance in deciding the kind of preparations that you will have to make.

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    Enjoy this Ramadan with Bait Al Nokhada’s traditional and rich interior designed Ramadan Tents . Make your Ramadan Tent into a spectacular Ramadan Majlis with Bait Al Nokhada’s specially designed and customized interiors and decorations . Our Ramadan tent captures the true spirit of the season with its contemporary setting and relaxed atmosphere.

    Iftar Tents for Ramadan from Bait Al Nokhada Tents Abu Dhabi: Celebrate Ramadan in traditional and rich interior designed Ramadan Iftar Tents. Make your Ramadan Iftar Tents into a spectacular Ramadan Majlis with our customized exotic interior decorations. Bait Al Nokhada offers special discounts for setting up Ramadan Iftar Tents in the holy month.


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