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Double Decker Tent in UAE & KSA: Suppliers, Rentals, Manufacturers, & Sales

Looking for double-decker tent Manufacturers & suppliers in UAE & KSA? Bait Al Nokhada offers high-quality double-decker tents for sale and rent in UAE & KSA. Our lightweight aluminium structures provide additional floor space and a touch of elegance, making them perfect for high-end sports events.

When the venue floor space is a challenge, double decker tent is the perfect option for doubling up or creating additional floor area. Our architectural design team can add features to enhance the event style by creating additional space.

This elegant lightweight Aluminium structure for mega events combines class and stability along with high-tech image and value. For a touch of class, this dynamic exquisite shape delivers quality and elegance combined with the heritage and meets every challenge. A double-decker tent is an ideal option for high-end sports events.

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Double Decker Tent by size

Types Width Eave Height Roof Height
Double Decker Tent 10m
9 m
11.6 m
Double Decker Tent 15m
15 m
9 m
11.6 m
Double Decker Tent 20m
20 m
9 m
11.6 m
Double Decker Tent 30m
30 m
9 m
11.6 m
Double Decker Tent 40m
40 m
9 m
11.6 m
Double Decker Tent 50m
50 m
9 m
11.6 m
Double Decker Tent 60m
60 m
9 m
11.6 m
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Installation Time
Thermal Comfort
Tear Resistant
U V Resistant
Flame Retardant
Wind Resistant
No Pockets or Bubbles
5 Years Guarantee
Dimensional Stability
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