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Royal Tent

A distinctive, eye-catching, modular design tent with unlimited extension possibilities. The exquisite and expertly designed royal tent structure incorporates aesthetically pleasing internal features adding a touch of class and creating an aura of strength, durability, and luxury together combining to provide the ultimate specification. The royal tent comes with a hard wall panel option and a glass wall option.

Our professional design team will be with you every step of the project and ensure to complete the project successfully from start to finish. To make your event successful we provide you with a varied range of accessories and decor which includes many stylish options of tables and chairs with complete settings.

The Royal tent is ideal for temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent exhibition halls, offices, VIP lounges, multipurpose suites, and outdoor hotels.

Tent by size

Types Width Eave Height Roof Height
3.15 m
4.9 m
15 m
4.15 m
6.3 m
20 m
4.15 m
7.5 m
30 m
4.15 m
9.1 m
40 m
4.15 m
10.75 m
50 m
4.25 m
11.8 m
tent size chart
Installation Time
Thermal Comfort
Tear Resistant
U V Resistant
Flame Retardant
Wind Resistant
No Pockets or Bubbles
5 Years Guarantee
Dimensional Stability