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Panoramic Tent

A panoramic pavilion tent is a strong and durable Aluminium tent structure suitable for many usages. It offers the comfort of a permanent building with the flexibility of a tent structure. The dynamic exquisite design blends quality and prestige with luxury and offers excellent facilities with the comfort and flexibility of a permanent structure.

Round shaped with high peak roof design and a clear span width ranging from 10m – 50m. The panoramic tent is Ideal for hospitality functions, exhibitions, exclusive promotion events, gyms, resorts, cafes, and various other utilities.

With the absence of internal obstructions, it also provides a superb layout which our design team can assist with various choices of interior and exterior fabric and structure options.

Tent by size

Types Width Eave Height Roof Height Roof Beam Section
Panoramic Tent 10m
3 m
3.9 m
5.5 m
Panoramic Tent 20m
15 m
4 m
5.9 m
8.4 m
Panoramic Tent 30m
30 m
4 m
7 m
10.5 m
Panoramic Tent 40m
40 m
4 m
8 m
11.5 m
tent size chart 3
Installation Time
Thermal Comfort
Tear Resistant
U V Resistant
Flame Retardant
Wind Resistant
No Pockets or Bubbles
5 Years Guarantee
Dimensional Stability