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Events and Entertainments

We are witnesses for most of the events and entertainments that have arisen in the U.A.E for the past 25+ years. We contribute extraordinary experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

Bait Al Nokhada Tents and Fabric shades supply and install high-quality tents all over the middle east, We are widely known for the exceptional quality and durability of tents and marquees and are trusted by world-class reputed companies. Intensify your events with our broad range of tents and fabric shades. Our experienced and professional employees will organize your great events and parties with good management.

Sports and recreation

Bait Al Nokhada Tents and Fabric shades provide superior quality sports tents according to your needs. We crafted a variety of tents for games such as golf, polo, tennis, cricket, sailing, football, motor racing, badminton, basketball, and much more.

We know the importance of sports practice and sports programs, So we aim to manufacture and construct the finest tents for your sports to get the foremost ambiance and experience of playing. Our flexibility is endless we can take any concept from an idea to its final glory without involving outsiders and control everything including the design, timing, and quality to the final installation all with our business expert staff.

government and military

Bait Al Nokhada provides permanent tents and fabric solutions as well as temporary solutions for the government and military to reduce the cost of buildings and execute time-efficient construction for government services and the military branches.

Our tents are manufactured from high-quality materials to get the maximum duration and living experience. Distinctively we offer a wide range of aluminum tent solutions like pyramid tents, arch tents, curve tents, revolution tents, royal tents, panoramic tents, polygon tents, dome tents, and much more.

industrial warehousing

Bait Al Nokhada tents and fabric shades offer the best high-quality warehouse tents. Our permanent warehouse tents and rental services are broadly appreciated by our clients for presenting numerous attributes like swiftness, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness moreover, We provide our products and services only after considering the accurate requirements of our valued clients.

We always provide world-class quality products and services and timely execution for the entire fulfillment of our esteemed clients.

oil and gas

Bait Al Nokhada tents and fabric shades deliver best-in-class temporary and permanent Tent structures to Oil and gas industries for multiple uses like storage of primary equipment like Big tanks, heat exchangers, air coolers, evaporators, etc. Also, big tents are used for the accommodation of workers, miners, and other officers on site.

There is a huge range of tent structures that can be in any required locations installed by our specialized staff.

aviation and marine

Bait Al Nokhada provides high-quality tents and fabric shades to the Aviation and Marine industries. We are advanced in initiating temporary and permanent airport structures and aircraft hangars for the past few years.

Bait Al Nokhada aviation tents are worthy to host and replenish machinery, and flights. Heavy vehicles and other relevant equipment.

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