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Polygon Tent

Polygon Tent can be manufactured to any size or specification with a variety of customization alternatives all resulting in a totally bespoke made to measure solution suitable for all requirements such as weddings,social or commercial events with interior and exterior design options from the practical through to total luxury.

Our professional technical team will guide you in every aspect with a huge range of fabric and glazing options.All the internal and external areas can be completely customized to any particular specification.

Tent by size

Types Width Eave Height Roof Height
Polygon Tent 10m
3 m
5 m
15 m
3 m
6.3 m
20 m
3.5 m
8.1 m
30 m
3.7 m
11 m
40 m
3.7 m
12.2 m
50 m
5.3 m
16 m
5.3 m
17 m
tent size chart 4
Installation Time
Thermal Comfort
Tear Resistant
U V Resistant
Flame Retardant
Wind Resistant
No Pockets or Bubbles
5 Years Guarantee
Dimensional Stability